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Loss Control And Risk Management Overview

We take great pride in our ability to advocate on behalf of our clients when a loss occurs. While loss control and risk management is a focal point of every company, mistakes are inevitable so it’s vital to have the correct personnel supporting you in the event of a loss. Loss control and Risk management is essential to your bottom line and the implications are clear and evident. A proper and strategized foundation needs to be set so when a loss occurs there is no time wasted in trying to figure out how to handle it. Our hands on approach is detailed and clear from the moment the claim sets in until the final outcome. It’s the personal nature of how we deal with each of our clients’ claims that has made us successful in this area. DT has the experience and relationships needed to advocate on your behalf and ensure that your claims are settled in fair and appropriate manner.

Below we will outline a few of the main lines where loss control is vital:

Workers Compensation:

At each renewal it is standard for a carrier to ask for 5 years of previous loss history. Carriers want to feel secure and confident that the companies they are insuring put safety as a number one priority.  There is no line of insurance which is more affected by your losses than workers compensation. Disagreeing with a carriers reserves is very common so it’s imperative to have someone who will take your side and use their knowledge to fight for you. Our ultimate goal is to keep your premium/ deductible down while ensuring that your injured employees are getting the proper benefits.

General Liability:

General liability claims, especially in the construction industry, continue to become more complex as the legal ramifications of losses continuously change over time. This includes the litigious nature of claimants, the liberal court system and the ever-changing contractual laws. In the event of a claim, DT will help you manage the claim by working closely with your staff and your carrier to find out exactly what took place. Aside from taking the large stress of handling a claim off your plate, our hands-on approach, as explained above, has proven to be an effective and reliable way to keep your reserves at a minimum.

Auto and Equipment:

Auto and equipment claims generally are the least complicated to deal with. While the process and our hands-on approach stays the same, the overall effect it can have on your business, compared to losses with other lines, isn’t as serious. Nevertheless, we deal with auto/equipment claims with the same nature we would deal with any other claim, and work with you and your carrier to come to a fair resolution. Usually, we will report the claim directly on your behalf and help facilitate the initial inspection. Our claims department will then make sure to follow up appropriately with your carrier to ensure that the claim is resolved amicably.

Our process broken down:

  1. We are notified of a potential claim
  2. We immediately reach out to the carrier and request that a thorough investigation take place.
  3. We are clear that we would like to be present during this investigation so the story is given over honestly. If this is not allowed, we are granted the ability to a rebuttal defense.
  4. If the claim involves litigation we have an array of legal counsel to refer should our clients request.
  5. We are aggressive throughout this process and are very hands-on with the carrier.
  6. A meeting is set up with the carrier and insured so our side of the story is heard properly.
  7. We are strong advocates on behalf of our clients and use our relationships with our carriers to our advantage.
  8. Once a decision is reached we are in constant defense mode to keep the reserves to a minimum.

Our end goal is to ensure our clients mod stays down and that their rates stay competitive for the following year. It’s the big picture we pay most attention to. The financial success of your insurance programs and the well-being of your employees is of utmost importance to us. We are committed to working hand-in-hand with you and your staff to help keep your premiums at a minimum and your environment safe.