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The importance of a properly structured commercial insurance program can only be complimented with the strategic placement of our insured’s personal insurance needs. Whether you’re raising a family in upstate, on the Island or in New York City, DT Insurance Brokerage offers a full range of personal lines insurance coverage for your peace of mind. Homeowners, including primary and secondary residences, automobile, recreational vehicles, personal umbrellas, watercraft, and other coverages are designed to meet the individual needs of you and your family. Reach out to us so we can help provide you with the proper coverage.


Your home is more than just a source of pride and security. A home may be the largest investment you will ever make. When you take out a home insurance policy, not only is your house protected but so are your possessions A Homeowner Insurance policy protects the value of your home from decreasing. Like most types of insurance, there isn’t just one kind of home insurance policy. There are different options available to suit a wide array of needs. Standard homeowner’s insurance policies do not provide coverage from damages caused by flooding, sewer backups, mold, earthquakes, or termites. They also do not provide reimbursement for relocation expenses during times when the home is lost.  With a variety of options to choose from, you can gain peace of mind in knowing your home and your family is secure. At DT Insurance we design the best policy for your home, protecting you in all areas including flood, fire, equipment failure, theft and vandalism.


Do you have multiple homes? If you are renting out a home of yours, whether it be a vacation home or apartment unit you have little control over the physical damage that can occur.  It is important to be sure that there is enough coverage to protect all of your property values and assets.  Since, typically, you don’t have any possessions in the rental property, full coverage is generally unnecessary. Insurance is only needed to cover damages that the renters might cause to the structure of the property. Additionally, since rental properties are many times part of an insured’s income and livelihood, it’s important to be sure that the structure of the property itself is covered adequately.  To mitigate your risk, tenant occupied insurance would cover the cost of any damage incurred by the tenants. This coverage would also cover fires, storms, burglary and vandalism.


If you own a car, you need auto insurance to protect yourself and others involved in an accident that is your fault or that is caused by an uninsured or underinsured driver. The costs of a single accident could bankrupt you if you had to pay them out of your own pocket.  Depending on your income, even relatively minor losses can be financially challenging. Having auto insurance helps protect your assets while allowing you to use your money in order to achieve other important financial goals. Nearly every state requires that you carry auto insurance if you own a vehicle. Not maintaining at least the minimum required coverage is against the law and could result in various penalties.

Prior to purchasing auto insurance, it is essential to make sure that the insurance fits your needs. DT insurance will make sure that we suit your auto insurance to your family’s specific circumstances, including your risk tolerance and budget.


A personal umbrella policy protects you when your homeowners or automobile insurance isn’t enough to cover the damages of an accident or an incident on your property.  So for example: If your auto insurance covers you for $250,000 and you get into an accident which exceeds this amount, your umbrella policy will take effect and cover the remaining amount.  While personal umbrella coverage is not required, it offers increased protection in the unfortunate incident of an accident. In most cases a personal umbrella policy is available in million dollar increments ranging from $1 to $5 million dollars.  In order to tailor to your specific needs, we provide liability coverage over and above your homeowners and automobile insurance policy.


At DT Insurance Brokerage, we recognize the passion and enthusiasm of people who manage and collect unique objects.  We provide specialized coverage, financial capacity and underwriting flexibility to meet the insurance needs of museums, galleries jewelry and institutional or commercial fine arts collections.


If you have purchased a condo or co-op, the bank will require insurance to protect its investment in your home.  You will need two separate policies when insuring your condo or co-op; your own policy and a master policy which should be provided by the condo/ co-op board. DT insurance understands the market for condos and co-ops owners and specializes in protecting your personal property and interior for your unit. Unfortunately, most of the time, your condominium association insurance covers the condominium building you are a part of but not you or your personal possessions.  Therefore, if there would be water damage, physical injuries, or a burglary in your condo, you would not be covered. We can help prevent this lack of coverage by placing you with a carrier who will tailor your insurance to meet your specific needs.


If you are reliant on bonuses and commissions, it is probably a good idea to have additional income coverage for a disability. Usually, long term disability plans do not cover bonuses or commissions. Combining long term disability with individual disability can protect as much as 75% of your total pay. Individual disability insurance can replace a portion of lost income if you are unable to work due to sickness or injury. It can help you to meet your financial obligations and maintain your current lifestyle.  Examples of this can be a multitude of things including your mortgage, tuition, car payments, as well as helping cover expenses for food, clothing and utilities. By replacing a portion of your income, disability insurance can help provide financial security until you get back on your feet and return to work. DT can help you get a tailored plan to meet your specific needs should something unfortunate ever happen to you.