DT Insurance: Commitment. Reliability. Knowledge.


Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. DT Insurance Brokerage Corp was founded by David Tchatchanachvili in 2006. Located in heart of Forest Hills, right off Austin Street, DT has developed a reputation for being one of the premier insurance brokerages in New York City.  Our reputation was built through our proven track record of knowledge, reliability and commitment to our clients.

Currently run by Jay Weiner and Eli Bergida, DT has transformed into a full service brokerage specializing in the New York commercial and construction industry.

Our motto, “your construction brokerage,” helps describe and portray our approach and mindset. We pride ourselves for our unique and distinct reputation of being the go-to brokerage for contractors doing work in New York. We are more than just brokers; rather viewing ourselves as risk managers and associates who are integral extensions of the companies we service. Our hands-on approach has brought us our biggest clients who expect the best out of our team, and challenge us for the better every day.

Our knowledge and network of markets has given us the opportunity to service some of the industry leading contractors doing work in New York City.

Our reliability has allowed our clients to feel comfortable and secure, knowing DT is there to help them day or night should there be an issue with their insurance.

Our steadfast commitment to our clients and promise to be there with them at all stages of their business has allowed for us to become one of the leading brokerages in the construction industry of New York City.

The close relationships we have developed with our clients is the foundation of our business. We are more than just a brokerage in every sense, and our ability to recognize this has allowed for us to cultivate these special partnerships every company so deeply desires.

We look forward to hearing from you and adding you to our family and network.

Best regards,

Eli Bergida

Jay Weiner


  • David Tchatchanachvili Founder and President
  • Jay Weiner Director of Marketing and Business Development
  • Eli Bergida Director of Operations
“Our motto, “Your Construction Brokerage” says all you need to know about us. We are an all-encompassing firm dedicated to handling all your construction insurance needs, no matter the size. Whether it be helping you with audits, securing a last minute quote, or diligently handling a difficult claim, we are here to provide you with a peace of mind that no other firm can offer. We are known for our problem solving abilities and we take great pride in that. Put us to the test so we can show you our strengths.
Definition: “The state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity etc.”

We set the bar very high and are dedicated to our clients’ success. We feel an obligation to be engaged and interactive with our clients on any issue insurance related or even non-insurance related; if it is the wish of our client. Our commitment to servicing our clients is our number one focus.

Definition: “Consistently good in quality or performance; able to be trusted”

A trustworthy and dependable brokerage is a necessity regardless to the size of the company you are running. Our team is always just a phone call away should there be an issue you are experiencing. As risk management specialists we understand the high level of performance which you expect and need at all times.
Definition: “Facts, information, and skills acquired by a person through experience and/or education”

Our knowledge and clout in the insurance industry is another area which sets us apart from other brokerages. Our experience in dealing with some of the largest construction companies doing work in New York City has allowed us to develop into the brokerage we are today. Our team is constantly looking out for any changes that occur in the industry so we can be better prepared to service you.